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Latest posts entries

The theme comes with a very useful suite of shortcodes that lets you to pull latest post entries from:

  • portfolio type 1
  • portfolio type 2
  • blog posts from the section(category) of your choice

Since the latest posts from portfolio 1 shortcode works only inside fullwidth page template(due to its special design), on this page we will make demonstrations only for portfolio type 2 latest entries and latest blog posts entries.

a) Portfolio type 2

some of our best works
shortcode usage
[latest_port2 qty="4" show_title="true" title="some of our best works"]

b) Latest blog posts

shortcode usage
[latest_blog qty="3" cat="4"]

An important thing to note is that when using the latest blog posts shortcode, you can select from what category your posts will be displayed – which means that not only you can create as many blog sections as you want, but you can also choose what blog section to display via this shortcode.